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Reclaim your Personal Power 6 week-Life Mastery Program

Reclaim your power

Are you looking for a different approach to improving your health, happiness and well-being? Do you want to deepen your self- healing and develop greater self-awareness, self-love, and inner peace? Ready to make some positive changes in your life for 2015, and aren’t sure where to begin? Do you want to feel good from within, and start living a life you love? Tired of the same old patterns and want to create REAL change that will transform you, your relationships, parenting, and entire life?
I have been on a deep personal journey to discover the truths about healing, and what it really takes to get there for the past 15 years, and have worked with individuals in my counselling & coaching practice for several years, experimenting with various mind/body healing approaches, and have discovered the 6 key aspects of creating greater health, happiness, healing and transformation that will change your life forever! Traditional psychotherapy generally focuses on mental health, and often the other aspects of emotional, physical and spiritual health are not addressed. That is why my approach works and has assisted so many in creating positive change in their lives!

I have personally developed this program with the knowledge I have gained through my many years of studying psychology, holistic health, fitness & nutrition, spiritual teachings, and my own wisdom and personal life experiences, as well as assisting clients on their journey through challenges such as depression, anxiety, Adrenal burnout, chronic stress, crumbling or unhealthy relationships, marital crises, food addiction or other disordered eating patterns, addictions, and making peace with their body and themselves- and the truth I have discovered is that it all healing begins within.
Introducing my NEW 6 week “Reclaim Your Personal Power!” Self Mastery Program!

If you want to experience an inner- shift that will assist you in changing all areas of your life, and are looking for a unique “whole being”  counselling and coaching service with soul, this program is for you! This program will guide you in creating harmony of the mind, body and soul. This is what you get when you purchase my 6 week program:

  • 6- 1 hour one-to-one soul-centered coaching sessions. (one session per week)
  • My personal prescription, and guidance to help you master these 6 key aspects of creating a life you love. Working with me you will be on your way to mastering these 6 key aspects to living a life you love!
  1. Building Self- Awareness is the foundation from which all healing and growth work happens.
  2. How to heal anything with 6 aspects of self mastery ( self-awareness, self-love, self-respect, self-honor, self-compassion, self-acceptance)
  3. Speaking your Truth and setting healthy Boundaries. Learning to say no with love, and YES to yourself!
  4. Connecting to your Spirit Learn how to create your own spiritual practice and how to live your life centered from your soul.
  5. Nourishing your body– Learn about what I call “Intuitive nutrition” and living an active lifestyle that is right for YOUR unique body.
  6. Stress Awareness, Mastering Relaxation, and Creating Balance in your life. Greatly improve you health and well-being by practicing this essential element.
  • Personal homework/exercise worksheets to work on between sessions on each of the 6 aspects.
  • Email/phone coaching support as needed.
  • Free E-book all about holistic healing, nutrition tips, stress management, and personal development.

My “Reclaim your Personal Power!” Self Mastery Program is right for you if:

-You are looking to grow a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and spirit. (I respect all beliefs and viewpoints and adjust my wording based on your particular spiritual/religious beliefs.)

-You spend time focused on diets, counting calories, and worrying about food, and are struggling with body image issues, food addiction or disordered eating patterns, and have tried everything to lose unhealthy bodyweight with little result. (hint: this requires a holistic “whole being” approach or the weight will keep coming back once the diet stops)

-Have tried other forms of coaching or counselling psychotherapy and have had limited to no positive results and felt as though something vital was missing from the approach.

– You are looking for something unconventional and holistic, that encompasses the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions that make up your ‘whole being’.

– You are serious about making a change, and want a new experience in your image (1)life.

– You are ready to create a life you love!

– You are ready to start putting yourself FIRST!

I help people shift into a more positive place and make lasting changes in their lives- my approach works because it encompasses all aspects of our entire being. You will be guided along the way with non-judgmental and encouraging support.

My intention is for each person that walks in my door to leave feeling better than when they came in, with a renewed feeling of optimism and hope for a better future.

Optional body work / healing services with Flourish Wellness Center practitioners: No- Needle acupuncture treatments With Mike Lang, Chakra balancing/ Intuitive healing and hot stone massage with Tracy Munson, Holistic Kinesiology with Jennifer Nguyen.

These treatments would be a highly beneficial addition to my wellness program, and will speed the healing process. If you are experiencing physical pain, or other chronic health issues, these additional services will assist you in your physical healing and pain relief. When we are feeling unwell physically or are in chronic pain it can have an effect on how we feel and heal emotionally and mentally. It is all connected. I will refer you to the most suitable services once I have assessed your needs, and create your personalized wellness program.

flourishAre you ready?

Call me today, and lets get started!



Soulwork Holistic Counselling & Wellness Services

Soulwork Mission: “To treat each person as a unique individual, with respect and without judgement- while offering a supportive, safe place for people to do their healing work, learn, grow, and be challenged and inspired to live their life to their highest potential.”

True Wellness is a healthy balance of the Mind, Body & Spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being, and increased health and vitality. When all of these elements are in balance, we can function at a higher level, and have greater health, and fulfillment in our day to day living. 

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